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Which Child Model and Talent Agency Should You Sign Up With?

When considering which child model and talent agency to sign up with, you’ll want to find one that is both reputable and child-centric. While there are many child model agencies out there, we recommend that you consider a child-friendly agency that represents children from 3 months to 15 years of age. These agencies are incredibly professional, but also understand that children have unique needs. Here’s some advice: Don’t choose a child-focused agency just because it’s “cute” – a good child modeling agency will understand their needs.

Elen’s Kids

When it comes to finding a child model or talent agency, Elen’s Kids is the place to go. They represent children from birth through 18 years of age, putting them in print, TV, film, and stage roles. With great communications, Elen’s Kids takes safety and privacy seriously. And while there are many reasons to sign up your child for the agency, these are the main benefits.

Bonnie & Betty

If you are looking for a child model agency, you should look no further than Bonnie and Betty. This agency represents children for acting, modelling, and TV work. The agency promotes its children through tweets and posts to its followers, which can provide you with valuable insight into the experience level of casting. As a child model, you may want to consider registering with the agency to find out more about available roles and opportunities.

Bruce & Brown

One of the most prominent and successful child model and talent agencies in the UK, Bruce & Brown was founded by former model Kipsey Owen in 1988. The agency specializes in scouting, developing, and promoting young models and actors for photo, film, and commercial projects around the world. Its client list includes companies such as Vogue Bambini, Next, Mothercare, and Milk Magazine. As a child model or talent, you should be in the London area.

Sprout Kids

Sprout Kids is a talent and model agency for children. The agency represents kids in various markets around the country, from California to Florida. Sprout Kids represents children in South Florida, as well as Central Florida. Sprout Kids works with casting directors in both markets, giving children the opportunity to get work in both regions. The agency’s website offers a wealth of information about the work they represent.

Urban Angels

Established in 2003, Urban Angels is an established London-based modelling agency for children. The agency aims to promote diversity among children in urban environments and pays handsome commissions to models. Models have worked for brands such as Mothercare, Zara, Harrods, the BBC, and Disney. Models must attend professional photo shoots and pay a small annual fee of PS80 to join the agency.